Simple and Compound Glyphs

There are two kinds of glyphs; simple and compound. A simple glyph is made up of one
picture. Here are some examples:
Simple Glyphs
They represent:
    1/2         1/4            1/8                1/16                1/32        1/64

Here are four more simple glyphs:

A1           D36                D58                E15

A compound glyph is made up of two or more simple glyphs.
For example, together the simple glyphs first mentioned above which represent fractions
create a compound glyph called the Eye of Horus or Wedjet, which equals the number
one, and looks like this:


Here are some more compound glyphs which include the simple glyphs above.
Compound glyphs have a different meaning than the glyphs from which they are made.

A6                D59                    E16